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In a case of "I broke it, I bought it" 😉 I suggested an improvement to
today's free-form Show & Tell, and was then tasked with the
implementation. C'est la vie. So, I created a quick'n'dirty Etherpad to
collect data. Not the ideal platform, but gratis, libre, and I knew
where it was and how to work it.  Below is the text from: 


Read and follow the instructions, using the link above... 

(Presenters from today and / or others: As new topics fill in, feel free
to remove your topics, sub-topics or upvotes from today's discussion.
Just leave enough so that there are exampled for people to follow. Or,
if you've got better ideas, go forth! Or fifth!) 

Agaric Show & Tell Topics Poll (created 2020.07.15) 

NOTE: This page will self-destruct in 60 days. ("Good Luck, Jim") 😉 

The 2020.07.15 Show & Tell
(https://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/show-and-tell/) was a rather
free-form one, with no pre-determined topics. At the start of the
gathering, people listed their areas of expertise that they felt
comfortable talking about. Others either voted up the topic by adding an
asterisk to the start, or supplemented the topic by adding an
exclamation point and a "subtopic". 

It was decided that we should do that again, but to get the topics
listed before the meeting.  Hence, this etherpad. 


First: Polling will close on the Sunday prior to the Wednesday meeting. 

In the list below,  
   ADD a topic that you have some expertise in that you would like to
OR ADD an asterisk at the beginning to indicate your interest in hearing
about a topic 
OR ADD an exclamation point and a subtopic to the end of the topic. 

You can do more than one of the above, but try not to give everything an
asterisk. Only three or four of the topics will get air time, decided
based on the popularity of the topic and the brevity or verbosity of the

I would suggest leaving the username color-coding in place... 

As a starting point, and by way of example, I've included the list from
the Show & Tell that prompted this: 


 	* ** Using the shell: environment variables, configuration, process
management, pipes, redirection, and the like. !aliases!
 	* ** Configuration management/automation with Ansible
 	* SSH tricks and troubleshooting: server/client configuration, port
forwarding, and MOSH: the mobile shell. !config!
 	* Ruby, and ruby on rails
 	* * Javascript - including React/Redux !
 	* Python, including Django
 	* *** Machine learning
 	* * Product discovery - user story mapping / MVPs

The above indicates that I offered a subtopic to two of the topics, and
that I upvoted two of the topics. Machine learning got three upvotes

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Kevin Cole
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