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Micky Metts micky at agaric.com
Thu Jul 23 13:28:36 EDT 2020

If anyone is interested the HOPE conference is still seeking volunteers
to facilitate workshops and talks!

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Subject: 	[hope-mod] Workshop facilitators needed!
Date: 	Thu, 23 Jul 2020 13:19:35 -0400
From: 	Greg Newby <gbnewby at petascale.org>
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Hi, all.

We are trying to fill in the volunteer slots, especially for
Saturday+Sunday (the first days of HOPE). The more you can sign up for,
the more helpful it will be.

Please email back to me if you can help with workshops. The list is here:
Choose the workshops you would like to help with, and let me know.

We also need facilitators to be part of talks. That is a somewhat
different role. If you can do this, send the time periods you can be
scheduled for.

The workshop helper/facilitator role:

All helpers need to have BigBlueButton (BBB) logins. Start at
https://workshops.hope.net - this is necessary to be a room moderator.

- Arrive in the meeting "room" around 20 minutes before the workshop
starts to meet with the presenter and assist with room setup. Make sure
any needed content is uploaded, and any external videos are available.

- Using Moderator features of BBB, admit registered attendees to the
room. Make sure they are on the registration list, which will be sent to
you shortly before the workshop begins.

- Provide or seek technical support if the presenter is having any
issues or has requests.

- During the workshop, monitor the room chat, and help attendees if you
are able.

- If there are issues, help to address them, or raise them with the
appropriate team (technical issues, behavioral issues, etc.) - likely in
Matrix chat rooms.

- For long-running workshops, it might not be necessary to stay for the
whole thing (but it would be great if you could), once everything is
working smoothly.

More information about BigBlueButton is on the Wiki: https://wiki.hope.net

  Greg & Mitch

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