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I just wanted to say hello and wanted make sure you know that while I would love to attend, I have been recently out of action because I am taking the earliest train to go to work (I don't know why a computer programmer needs go to office... This is not my company and I am just a wage laborer!) so I can avoid the crowd.

Since I am writing this email, I might as well ask this question.   Does anyone have any experience with https://cortezaproject.org/

My usual contacts JWCU found this as a Salesforce replacement and are very interested.   

Yugawara, Japan

> On Oct 12, 2020, at 07:15, Micky Metts <micky at agaric.com> wrote:
> Join Agaric for Show and Tell Wednesday 10/14 - @11am ET - Topic: Imposter Syndrome
> At some point in life almost everyone faces a fear of being discovered as not being as smart or capable as they should be when compared to others in their field of study or work. Why? If you do not suffer from imposter syndrome, I believe you know someone that does. This syndrome goes beyond the developer community and into all aspects of our lives. 
> I personally know some excellent developers (some are on this list) that have no idea of how cool/smart they are and how much they know and how they are stellar examples for others to grow, learn more and share their knowledge with others.
> The devastation caused by imposter syndrome is not generally visible to others as we keep our feelings private and appear to be doing very well on the surface - funny how someone can be feeling fragile and insignificant while also being looked upon by someone with imposter syndrome, as an unapproachable genius, soaring above the crowd. What does this mean for the person suffering from imposter syndrome and to developer communities full of people unaware that someone they think highly of is not feeling so good about themselves and their contributions.
> Having worked with hundreds of developers during 25 years online, managing teams or working in small groups, or even one on one, I have some theories on techniques we can use to overcome our self defeating tendencies to avoid interacting with teams or other devs. There are a few things you can try to help yourself through low times, and things to help others defy the overwhelming thoughts of inadequacy we perceive in ourselves.
> Come with questions or suggestions on how to support others and move through this stage of personal growth and learning. Come to learn how to help yourself in times of doubt. It is not easy to step back and view yourself as others see you, and the imagination can takeover your rational thoughts. I have a strong feeling there are many experts among us and I invite you to come and share some insights that may help others get beyond feelings of unworthiness. There are some practical things you can do that can effectively knock down this intellectual bogeyman and spectre of doom!
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