[AgaricShowandTell] Join Agaric for Show and Tell Wednesday 9/9 - @11am ET - Topic: vim - there is no escaping "the ubiquitous text editor"!

Chris Thompson chris at agaric.com
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Join Agaric for Show and Tell Wednesday 9/9 - @11am ET - Topic: vim - there is no escaping "the ubiquitous text editor"!

If you are just starting out with vim (or even if can do the basics comfortably now), check out the great resources for getting your vim core training here: https://linuxhint.com/vim_editor_games/

Ahh, vim. More like, the editor that universally makes a bad first impression. Eventually, though, the more patient (or perhaps self-abusive) of us might come to love it. And really - there is a lot to love here. While it isn't the most discoverable tool, just like `man`, `help` and `apropos` etc for your shell, there *are* ways of getting help, and there's no shortage of things to learn.

So, let's all share our favorite vim-related discoveries. I don't find it realistic to become a vim expert in weeks, or even months, but I'm sure we can help expand each other's horizons with regard to the possibilities when using vim during this session.

Some topic ideas:

* navigating help
* doing a "simple" search and replace
* core editing and navigation tasks
* using plugins and/or plugin managers.
* developer integrations - e.g. integrating a language engine, or tag generation/navigation, etc.
* vim-alike programs for vim fans (e.g. vifm, tridactyl, or other editions of vim like neovim)
* recording/using macros
* understanding buffers, registers, or the like
* using vim settings and the modeline
* your favorite "cheat sheet" resources
* or just introducing the almighty period!

Seeing someone use vim proficiently is bit like watching a magic show. So, let's demystify that a bit during this session: if you would like to share your screen to present, please consider running `screenkey` (or similar) so we can see the keys you are pressing in real-time while using vim.


Arch: Arch community package
    |sudo pacman -S screenkey|
Debian / Ubuntu: Debian tracker

    |sudo apt-get install screenkey|

Chat link for Wednesday: https://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/show-and-tell/

Notes from past Show and Tell meetings: https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show-tell
even older notes - https://hackmd.io/lRgXbI-rTJebqjBYAYwyVg

A handy time conversion site if you are not on the East Coast of the
US... https://www.worldtimebuddy.com

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