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TONIGHT at 7pm ET - April Movie Nights - The Plutocracy part II

CommunityBridge.com presents - The Plutocracy Series in 5 parts
continues with Plutocracy part II

On April 4th, CommunityBridge.com began screening the 5 part
Our journey continues with documentary "Plutocracy" Every Sunday night
at 7pm ET
The movies range from 1-2 hours

Direct Link to the CommunityBridge.com Movie Theatre:
The access code to enter the room is: welcome

Plutocracy tells the story of the American working class in a five-part
series. Income inequality has become a big issue in the modern-day
political spectrum. The documentary film series Plutocracy reveals the
main reasons for these economic struggles. A historical education of the
labor movement, to teach the next generation of activists the lessons of
our history, and to arm them for the future.

Acclaim - excerpts from Metanoia:

“Remarkable…Meticulous research, powerful visuals, and interviews with a
broad range of dedicated labor historians. Truly ‘untold stories’, but
stories we should know.” - Peter Rachleff -Professor of History,
Macalister University

“Very much in keeping with the tone of Howard Zinn's A People's History
of the United States, Plutocracy depicts history from the bottom up. The
saccharine and overly ideological textbook version of this
era--especially the birth of the U.S.--is nowhere to be found in this
series…Full of powerful images…Highly recommended, Plutocracy
contributes a much-needed dose of dynamism to our understanding of how
U.S. capitalism evolved.” - Ruth Hurley -Socialist Worker

“The Plutocracy series is a sobering, compelling and inspiring look at
U.S. history from the bottom up, centered around the fiery struggles of
the working class and the downtrodden…In the best tradition of Howard
Zinn and other ‘people's histories'…Shows us that workers are capable of
heroism under the seemingly worst of circumstances…Highly
recommended.”-  Tim Goulet - Union organizer, Teamsters Local 810

April 4th - Plutocracy - Part I - Divide and Rule

April 11th - Plutocracy - Part II - Solidarity Forever

April 18th - Plutocracy - Part III - Class War

April 25th - Plutocracy - Part IV - Gangsters for Capitalism

May 2nd - Plutocracy - Part V - Subterranean Fire

Movie Nights on CommunityBridge.com presents - An engaging series of
films to spur conversations on our future as a cooperative
society,working together to build an inclusive economy for all. Sunday
nights at 7pm ET, we will view a movie together and share our thoughts
on solutions and actions we can take as individuals and organizations
working towards positive change.  Our April Series on Cooperatives and
Unions starts on Sunday night 4/4 at 7PM ET... more info:

Link to the CommunityBridge.com Movie Theatre:
the access code to enter the room is: welcome

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