[AgaricShowandTell] Agaric Show and Tell - Asia Time Zone

Jennifer K jenkatan29 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 09:23:08 EST 2021

Hi everyone!

Nice to meet you all, my name is Jen - artist/producer/researcher based in
Bangkok. I've been interested in Agaric's show and tell for awhile, but
unfortunately the timezone difference means I'd have to get up at 3am to
attend. Thanks to Micky, we're starting one for the Asia timezone. Most
likely once a month to start, but happy to host more frequently if there's

I've set up a poll here <https://framadate.org/55FrIaLCTf2ksJcS> to find
times that might suit night owls in other places that might be interested
in joining. All times listed in (ICT) Indochina Time Zone.

Feel free to suggest times and dates as well

Thank you!

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