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I unfortunately won't be able to make it, but I'm really excited for this
conversation for all of y'all in USA.

Respectfully, I'd be curious to hear a temperature check from the founding
members of FACTTIC about USFWC playing this coordinator role. My impression
was that FACTTIC grew out of an informal meeting of tech worker co-operator
members, and only later grew into something more official, and so I feel
unclear why USFWC support or coordination would be required to start such
an initiative.

Of course, even if FACTTIC did originate differently, that's not to say it
couldn't be tried another way...! :)


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On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 5:44 PM Micky Metts <micky at agaric.com> wrote:

> Hello Friends -
> Happy New Year!
> This week we will discuss the topic of how we work together as coops and
> cooperators.
> I have been engaged in a long and slow dialog with the USFWC
> (http://usworker.coop) to address the idea of them working in a capacity
> like FACTTIC does for the Argentinian coops - to help tech coops
> coordinate working together on projects. This is taking a long time and
> we need to step up the pace.
> We saw a real crisis arise as some tech workers in coops were hurt badly
> by the COVID-19 effects on society and many had contracts cancelled, but
> some saw more work come in. How can we effectively  as a group help
> those tech coops without work partner on projects with those coops that
> do have work?
> Show-and-Tell had folks from FACT[TIC] as guests back in March of 2019,
> please review the first 20 mins. of this video before we meet on Thursday:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRErW6jEjSM&feature=emb_logo
> The first 20 minutes are a wonderfully concise and cogent presentation of
> how they work.
> Micky of Agaric blogged about the idea right after:
> https://agaric.coop/blog/show-and-tell-agaric-sharing-work-other-coops
> Where are we now?
> YAY!!! Recently Jeff Elkner of NovaWebDevelopment has stepped up to join
> the conversation with Ajoke and Esteban of USFWC. We got some responses,
> but no definitive plan to take it further. The last response was to take
> this to a Tech Workers meeting that will happen next week. At that
> meeting Jeff and I will find a way to invite all interested in joining
> the specific meetings to address this need and move forward.
> We need your voice so that we can go to the USFWC as a group, with a
> clear proposal on what they can do to support this idea. Please come and
> think of ways you are already including other smaller coops with their
> plan to grow and have work available to them, not just in these
> difficult time but always!
> We will be using BigBlueButton video chat for Show and Tell on Thursday.
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> In Solidarity,
> Micky Metts
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