[AgaricShowandTell] FYI - DWeb online meetup Wed, 06/02, 7p CT [Co-op enterprise expert Nathan Schneider on distributed benefits]

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Tue Jun 1 14:14:43 EDT 2021

Heads-up FYI on a cool discussion this week.

- Nurul E (admin email)


"Join us for the June DWeb Meetup for a featured presentation by Nathan
Schneider, an author, professor of media studies at the University of
Colorado Boulder, and Director of the Media Enterprise Design Lab.

He is a leading scholar of cooperative enterprises and has been analyzing
how projects could put the second DWeb Principle of Distributed Benefits
into practice.

In his powerful essay "Distribute Commons, Not Commodities,"
Schneider, suggests a new way forward.

Instead of creating another top-1% who hold increasingly concentrated
power, what if start-ups committed to distributing value to the community
contributing to it?"


" Gatherings For Good is an organization affiliated with the Internet
Archive, a non-profit digital library in San Francisco, CA.

 We convene gatherings dedicated to exploring ideas and technologies that
enable better societies, including the Decentralized Web Summit (
https://decentralizedweb.net/), Decentralized Web Meet Up SF and other
events dedicated to creating the Web we want (and the Web we deserve.)"
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