[AgaricShowandTell] June 24th, 2021 @ 8PM ET - Workshop on Privacy, Trust, and Data Equity (meeting 1)

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Thu Jun 24 02:34:28 EDT 2021

Dear Friends,

CommunityBridge.com will be hosting a series of movies, classes, and
hands-on sessions on regaining freedom in the digital world and taking
back control of your data.

View workshop schedule and join at

Online privacy is not something you do once - set and forget. Online
personal security is an ever-changing and rapidly evolving area of
technology. With the advent of social media, corporations are collecting
and aggregating more data than ever. Data collectors (websites that you
visit and apps that you may use) are figuring out ways to gamify you
into giving up any information they desire. You are essentially being
virtually stalked - and worse, you may be compromising your friends and
contacts. Simply installing an app can compromise your device and you
would not be aware of the danger.

_Remember: A tool that is safe today may not be safe tomorrow... or_
_later today._

There is no universal solution, but there are steps you can take to be a
lot safer than you are now. Everyone needs a slightly different approach
to privacy and security, based upon the devices they use and the way
that they use them. One must stay informed and be aware of constant
change.  Fortunately, you do not have to do this alone and there are
communities and online resources that will help you stay as informed as
you need to be.

Our workshop will hold 1-hour long online meetings on weeknights once a
week, subject to availability of materials and presenters. The first
meeting is scheduled for 8PM on June, 24th at

This time we will be looking at the big picture of a deep hole we're in
from both humanitarian and scientific perspectives. The presenters
chosen for this episode argue, however, that the situation is not
desperate. We have a goal to pursue and a long way to go towards it.
After the tonight's show you will have answers to someone who says they
have nothing to hide and aren't concerned with privacy.

We will follow up with a discussion and a few polls so we can better
understand our audience and choose the most interesting and useful
topics for future meetings. And we hope that you'll see how these
meetings will help you create a digital neighborhood you can trust.

Meeting details:

We will be using BigBlueButton video chat for Privacy workshop on
Thursday, June 24 at 8PM ET.

Chat link: https://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/privacyworkshop/

To enter, use any name and the room password or access code:

In Solidarity,


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