[AgaricShowandTell] May 6, 2021 @3PM ET - US Federation of Tech Coops

Jeff Elkner jeff.elkner at gmail.com
Thu May 6 14:05:07 EDT 2021

Hi Keegan,

Columbine, Nurul, and I met on Monday to begin working on making the
US Tech Worker Coop process more concrete.  I am attaching our shared
notes from that meeting.

We have a follow up meeting planned for Monday, May 17th.


Let's work together to create a just and sustainable world!

On Tue, May 4, 2021 at 11:36 PM Keegan Rankin via Showandtell
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> Hello all,
> I have been happy to see such lively discussion at Show and Tell about organizing tech cooperatives! Last week, even though the floor for presentations was open, we couldn't help but to keep talking about ustechworkercoops.org.
> I feel confident that many of you will have a lot to contribute to our conversation, such that I don't feel that I necessarily even have to set anything much in motion. With that being said, there are some ideas floating around that could be potential foci:
> 1. Determine action items for practicing using Decidim. While we are trying to organize, we are also trying to test this software. Let's get in there and break some things.
> 2. We could pick a proposal in our Decidim instance to discuss together.
> 3. We could also just keep it general and further our discussion about our goals behind federating. I know that many of you, including myself, still have lots of ideas to share!
> Let's see what happens! Feel free to make more suggestions.
> Meeting details:
> We will be using BigBlueButton video chat for Show and Tell on Thursday, May 6 at 3PM ET.
> Chat link: http://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/show-and-tell/
> To enter, use any name and the room password or access code: elephant9
> Notes from past Show and Tell meetings: https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show-tell
> https://hackmd.io/lRgXbI-rTJebqjBYAYwyVg
> We also strongly encourage you to think about and suggest topics that we can discuss together at future show and tells! Got an idea?
> Add it here: https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show_and_tell_topics
> More info about show and tell at agaric.coop/show
> Send this link to friends that would like an invitation to Show and Tell, so they will receive the chat link and info via our email announcements, sent once a week:
> https://lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/listinfo/showandtell
> If you would like to lead a Show and Tell, here is the template to send to the group at: showandtell at lists.mayfirst.org
> https://pad.drutopia.org/p/show_and_tell_template
> See you Thursday!
> Keegan
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