[AgaricShowandTell] CloudHaven status

Richard Vann rich at cloudhaven.net
Fri May 7 14:53:51 EDT 2021

A while back I made a presentation about CloudHaven. I've made some 
progress since then.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo agreed to develop a React/Material UI version 
of the system as the basis for the capstone project for a class of 25 
software engineering students. They are about 75% done for this years 

I also developed a Vue/Vuetify version of the system.

Among many other things, CloudHaven enables development of full featured 
Vue/Vuetify UIs that are rendered dynamically from json supplied by 
vendor/application "back-ends". It is a great platform for workflow or 
multi-vendor composite applications because components can be sourced 
from multiple vendors and fused into what looks like a single 
application. These applications can also be seamlessly fused into 
CloudHaven native collaboration content (or collaboration components 
fused into application UIs context-sensitively). This is a bit of an 
inside out way to architect applications in that CloudHaven provides for 
applicatons the authentication, user management, centralized user data 
storage/control and low-level UI component presentation in a kind of 
portal that users own. CloudHaven is intended to be a 
user/employee-owned (equitably), democratically run organization that is 

*From tech perspective:
CloudHaven takes the “user entity” redundantly implemented in thousands 
of applications and consolidates that into a single entity under users’ 
control (including basic UI components).

*From users’ perspective:
CloudHaven shifts the focus from the application to the user – “a user 
is served by many applications” instead of “an application has many users”

You can read more about the project at www.cloudhaven.*net* 
<http://www.cloudhaven.net> (not cloudhaven*.com*). There is a Pitch 
Deck ppt under "Presentations" that concisely summarizes CloudHaven.

I have other schools interested in using CloudHaven as the basis for 
other student projects.

CloudHaven is an open source project under the MIT license.

I would be happy to present the pitch deck again (it's been 
substantially refined since the last presentation and has evolved some).

I can also demo an existing prototype of the Vue-based version. The 
React based version will also be available shortly on GitHub.

Note that I feel CloudHaven fits in with the values of Agaric because it 
in a sense provides a way to unionize all users on the Internet 
(eventually...I'm not delusional). Also, I know that this project tends 
to centralize data which probably goes against the beliefs of many on 
this list who probably feel that decentralized systems are better. But I 
believe its not the architecture but how an organization is governed 
that matters - I think a centralized system is ok if its equitably-owned 
and democratically governed. Its better to have all your eggs in one 
basket instead of all your eggs in thousands of baskets. Then you can 
fully control who accesses your data, easily update it, etc. for the 
lifetime of your data. But I could be wrong. Anyways - I think its an 
interesting idea that opens many possibilities.

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