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Thanks to Martina for sharing. I've copied the notes below for everyone
else. Let's do this again another time

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> Hello Everyone,
> Next Wed, join us for another round of discussion around coops in Asia
> and abroad. Martina from https://nayra.coop/ in Argentina will share her experience
> with her worker coop, the balancing of working for capitalistic companies
> and coops alike, and what she plans to do with the coop in the future. Some
> of the usual gang of coop-ers here in the Asia timezone will share their
> experience as well.
> Meeting details:
> We will be using BigBlueButton video chat for Show and Tell on Thursday,
> May 6 at 3PM ET.
> Chat link: http://communitybridge.com/bbb-room/show-and-tell/
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> See you next Wed!
> Jen
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Nayra - front and back: timeless
	* started in 2015
	* 6 person
	* Mix of art and technology 
	* still defining what they want to, looking for a perfect match for each one 
	* topics: functional programming, machine learning, data science, art, interactive webpage (for ken wilber)

Argentina has a federation of IT coops (FACTTIC)
	* 22 cooperatives

Cooperation between cooperatives 
	* Camplight - another coop 
		* Design studio needed creative coding capability camplight didn't have 
		* camplight gets commission for client facing work (only at the beginning) 
	* sharing jobs between diff cooperatives 
	* exchanging experiences

staff augmentation (extra contractor) 
Japanese coops aren't allowed to do staff augmentation
temporary workers are complicated because its considered a loop hole to degrade working standards. neoliberal attack.

in argentina, also can't do staff augmentation with your coop. you as a coop can sell the services of staff augmentation

difficult to scale to 1000 person cooperative, align values 

concern with coop law in japan 
- it will lessen the value of things. once there's a form, there's no need for communal values 

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