[Support-team] warrant canaries controversy?

Mallory Knodel mallory at mayfirst.org
Sat Nov 26 16:04:29 EST 2016

On 26/11/16 04:42 PM, Jamie McClelland wrote:
> On Fri Nov 25, Alfredo Lopez wrote:
>> In fact, if they gag May First, they are gagging a couple of thousand
>> people (because of the way we're organized and consciously so). We'd
>> fill a small jail! :-) How would they enforce that one? Who would be
>> held culpable? Me? Jamie? But we have no positions except as LC members.
>> The entire LC? But the law indicates that a person who orders another to
>> break the law is effectively breaking the law and our entire membership
>> orders the LC to protect our data.
>> Now this is interesting! I think maybe we should start talking within
>> May First about what we do the next time we get an NSL, which should
>> happen shortly after this monster takes the oath.
> Yes - starting to pursue options that would allow us to communicate to
> our members if we receive a gag order of any kind is an excellent idea.
> Fortunately, we have never received a National Security Letter, but we
> have received a 6 month gag order (related to the Athens IMC subpoena -
> which we publicized after it expired) and could certainly receive a gag
> order (NSL or otherwise) at any time.

Should we just add a line to the top of this page:
https://support.mayfirst.org/wiki/legal saying "We have not received any
government requests for information and we will update this statement
again in three months."?

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