[Autocrypt] Lost newcomer

Jan Simon jan.simon at physiologie.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Dec 19 11:10:13 EST 2017

Dear readers,

I'm not sure if this is the right channel to post this message, but I 
did not find another way.

I was interested in Autocrypt, because my trials to work with PGP have 
not been successful. I've opened the homepage
and hoped to find some useful explanations. The link "What is 
autocrypt?" looked perfectly. But what do I find there? No description 
of what autocrypt is. It is explained, what the problem with emails is, 
why a new approach is needed. I read that "diverse group of mail app 
developers hackers and researchers" work in this project and where which 
meetings took place. It is mentioned, which headers are added to the 
emails, and that the future process will have different "Levels".

This is written by someone, who is very familiar with the project. But 
for a newcomer as me, essential questions are left open:
1. What is autocrypt?
2. Can I install it on one of my devices, PC, tablet, smartphone, 
3. What will my communication partners have to do to read my mails?

If the intention of autocrypt was "Encrypted E-Mail for Humans", the 
homepage is not useful. It is written by insiders for insiders. It is 
really difficult to gather the required information from this page for 
me, and I'm working in the IT business. I will not use autocrypt, 
because I have the strong impression, that e.g. my mother has no chance 
to understand, what this is and how it could be used.

The FAQ on this page is made for insiders also. What is a "MUA"?

This home page is very nice, but the contest rejects interested people. 
I'm sure the actual intention was different. Please let somebody review 
the contents, who is not an insider already.

Thanks for your attention and sorry, if this mailing list is not a valid 
channel to contact the home page authors.


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