[Autocrypt] handling press contacts for Autocrypt: proposing an Autocrypt press team

Björn Petersen bpetersen at b44t.com
Thu Dec 21 18:55:00 EST 2017

Hi dkg,

thank you for thinking about this.

Your proposals sound very good, clear and meaningful to me.

I would suggest to add the text to a normal file in the git root
directory, maybe `press-team-policy.md` (but not linked from the
homepage) so that everyone who is interested and read it and changes can
be suggested and discussed using normal issues and pull requests.

Cheers -

On 22.12.2017 at 00:36, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> hey folks--
> The Autocrypt project has had a little bit of press recently.
> In the event that we get more press in the future, we probably ought to
> have a way for journalists to contact us if they're interested.  In
> general, i'd prefer that contact be made here on the public mailing
> list, but some journalists prefer to work out of the public light until
> their articles are published.  If we want press contacts, we should
> accomodate them.
> i'd be happy if we could set up "press at autocrypt.org" that sends mail to
> whichever active member(s) of the Autocrypt project are up for handling
> incoming queries.  i'm calling this the "Autocrypt press team".  feel
> free to propose a different name if that's too dorky.
> But there are several questions about what to do with traffic that is
> sent to this address.  I propose a few policies below so that the
> members of the project know what's going on.  Feedback welcome!
> Proposed Autocrypt Press Team Policy
> ====================================
> Don't hide who is responsible for press at autocrypt.org
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Everyone in the project (including anyone lurking) should know who is on
> the press team.  This doesn't have to be published in some formal place
> (though it could be), but if anyone wants to know it shouldn't be a
> secret.  We don't need anyone's legal names, but if you participate in
> Autocrypt under some nick, you should be OK with people knowing that
> that nick is part of the press team.
> Always reply from your own specific e-mail address
> --------------------------------------------------
> When replying to an e-mail that was sent to press at autocrypt.org, members
> of the press team should reply from their own address, so everyone can
> tell who is having the conversation.
> Don't send new mail from the alias
> ----------------------------------
> This alias is for inbound contacts, and shouldn't be used to send
> new messages that aren't a reply.
> Always Cc press at autocrypt.org when replying
> -------------------------------------------
> To ensure that active participants can know what's been answered and
> what's going on, i think everyone who responds to mail that was sent to
> "press at autocrypt.org" should respond with "press at autocrypt.org" in the
> Cc.
> Maintain an archive of messages sent to press at autocrypt.org
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Messages sent to press at autocrypt.org should be stored in a read-only
> mailbox that is accessible to the current "press team", in addition to
> being forwarded to the recipients.  Messages should be deleted from the
> archive after 6 months.
> Someone should reply within a day
> ---------------------------------
> If this is going to be a useful address for press inquiries, we also
> need to try to have *someone* answer legitimate messages within 24 hours.
> i don't know how we guarantee this, suggestions welcome.
> Ask if you want to be on the team
> ---------------------------------
> If you want to help take responsibility for the press team, ask the
> existing press team.  Anyone on the existing press team should be able
> to add you to it if you're an active member of the project.
> Propose fixes to this policy
> ----------------------------
> If something is wrong with this policy, propose a fix the way you'd
> propose a fix to the Autocrypt spec.  (maybe this should be in git too?)
> Any objections or amendments? i don't think we need to bikeshed the
> whole thing right now.  I'm hoping we can adopt and implement it and
> tune it as we go -- just like we do with Autocrypt itself ;)
> Until recently, Holger, Vincent, Björn, and myself were receiving
> contact at autocrypt.org, but that has apparently been taken down.  I
> propose that the same people are added to a new press at autocrypt.org
> alias, and that we try to hold to something like the guidelines
> described above.
> Note that i didn't mention anything about encrypted mail for this alias.
> I think we should put off that more complex discussion until later, as
> fun as it would be to have it now :) let's get the alias set up first
> with sensible policies, and then we can discuss encryption.
> What do you think?
>      --dkg
> PS this discussion comes out of
>    https://github.com/autocrypt/autocrypt/pull/286 which we failed to
>    resolve.  i'm hoping we can get clearer consensus on the list first,
>    and then we can end up with a simpler/easier change to the website
>    itself.
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