[guardian-dev] State of Mobile XMPP | XEP-0198 &

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Will it work on BlackBerry 10OS 10.2.1?

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On 01/16/2014 02:00 PM, Pranesh Prakash wrote:
> http://fnanp.in-ulm.de/blog/2014/01/16/01-woes.html
>>> chatsecure, formerly known as Gibberbot, is probably the most
>>> feature-complete xmpp-app for Android, at least according to
>>> its specs. Supports OTR as well as XEP-0198. Chatsecure works
>>> as advertised some of the time. And then it doesn't. And then
>>> it has trouble reconnecting. And then it takes 5 minutes to
>>> reconnect. And then it sometimes doesn't see contacts as online
>>> even though they clearly are and nothing can make it see the
>>> error of its ways. So even though on paper it should be the
>>> best client out there, it made my blood boil with anger ...

Oh, man missed his review by a hair. Those reconnection bugs have been
fixed in the new release, along with a great deal of others.

> Is there a listing of all the XEPs that Chatsecure implements?  I
> could easily find such listings for yaxim and Xabber:
> http://yaxim.org/features/ http://www.xabber.org/

You are right that we are overdue with a clean listing of these. The
Xabber site is looking good on that front.

I will work with the iOS team who runs https://chatsecure.org to make
sure we have a clean listing there.

> And maybe these guys can use GnuPG for Android?  Would that be
> possible in the current state of GnuPG for Android?
> https://github.com/pfleidi/yaxim/issues/83

Georg, the Yaxim dev is on this list and our IRC channel. We do want
people to move to use GnuPG for Android, but the API isn't final just
yet. We are beginning to explore its use with ChatSecure, and will
share how it goes.


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