[guardian-dev] new UI proposal

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Thu Mar 20 14:21:44 EDT 2014

On 03/12/2014 08:49 AM, Matej Kovacic wrote:
> last week I took a little more time for testing ChatSecure and I have
> some remarks and proposals. Of course, these are my opinion only, but
> maybe they should be discussed.

Sorry, this message got moderated due to the large-ish attachment.
Hopefully everyone sees it now. Definitely appreciate the detailed
review, as we are about to go through another round of UI work.

> 1. No tabs.
> I have found using tabs and swiping left and right among them is quite
> complicated and annoying. My proposal is that tabs should be completely
> removed. There would be a window showing all contacts, and another,
> which would shov all active chats. When a user will click to a contact
> or open an active chat, new window will open with that chat. There would
> be an option to go back (and chat remains active) or close the chat.

This essentially going back to Gibberbot, and mirroring every other
messaging app. I will admit, we made an attempt to make something
different, but it seems like, for many, it doesn't work.

Just to point out a few things:

1) The top of your contacts list always shows the active chats - so we
combined the two lists into one.

2) If you tap on an active chat, it will switch to the tab of that chat.

3) If you press the back arrow/button/key, it will go back to the first
contact/chat list.

Perhaps, all too subtle for most?

> 2. Showing events inside the chat and reorganisation of a chat view
> The problem is that all relevant events are not shown. By my opinion the
> following events should be shown (with time stamp):
> -- the beginning of the conversation;
> -- exchange of encryption keys;
> -- verification atempts and results (successfull, unsuccessfull);
> -- status of encryption (start encryption, end encryption)

Agreed. We need an event log associated with a chat for sure.

> - sender's message should be on one side (left or right), receiver's
> message on the other;

Don't we do that now?

> - for sending voice messages (and other files) there should be progress bar;
> - each mesage and file transfer should have delivery receipt shown and
> also read receipt shown;

Yes, we are moving all media transfer progress in-line into the chat,
instead of notification area.

> - long press on a message should present an option to copy to clipboard
> or resend message

Copy is done now. Re-send is there, but the UI got lost somehow.

> - where are smileys?

Android has emoticons/emoji built-in now, but you can also install our
Open Emoji Plugin:

We also still have plans to release additional emoji packs, but as you
can imagine, it is a bit lower priority than some other issues.

> At the top there should be shown contact's name, encryption status and
> anonymity status. More at attached file mockup.png.


> 3. There should be a simple option for editing contacts. Long press on a
> contact should set the following options: edit, delete, block, show
> encryption key. Editing would include setting a local nickname (saved
> only locally, not on a server).

We have this now (rename contact).

> Short press of a contact would start a new conversation or continue the
> existing one.

Isn't that what we have now?

> 4. There should me a simple option for editing my own profile, status
> and status message

We do provide the ability to change status and message now... you just
tap on the "online" area at the top of the contact list.

Anyhow, thanks for all of this feedback. Some of it is good, some I am
confused about, so please continue the discussion.


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