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2016-11-14 14:53 GMT+01:00 Nathan of Guardian <nathan at guardianproject.info>:

> I'm happy to improve the hidden service API that Orbot offers to make it
> work for you. It is trivial for us to add support for requesting a
> completely new hidden service.
In general terms and in my modest opinion I believe that extending the
support of hidden services as you say is a good way to take Orbot to the
next level.

Personally and I'm not an expert, I think the option of including Tor built
in an application is not the best option for several reasons, i think Orbot
should be the standard for building Tor applications on phones but needs to
be more flexible with the configuration of hidden services.

I believe in the benefits of hidden services, for me it is the best Tor has
:) and I think they are a great vector to popularize Tor on mobile devices.

Orbot can also support the temporary hidden service capability in tor,
> where you generate and provide the .onion key yourself. The issue is
> that you have to do that each time tor is restarted.
 I have not used ephemeral services since for now I have not found them
practical use so I do not know much about them, just that they exist and
how they are configured, i'm sorry.

As Hans said, Briar is already doing quite a bit with HS management with
> their built in Tor, but I do hope many apps will support HS without
> building in tor as well.
> You can also see what the Thali Project from Microsoft did here:
> http://thaliproject.org/ThaliAndTorOnionProxy/
  As Hans said the Briar project seems to be very similar to my idea, maybe
I can help instead of duplicating efforts, thanks for the clue.
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