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Elmor elmor at riseup.net
Thu May 11 18:30:56 EDT 2017

Hi Natanael,

Many thanks for your reply. And indeed as you asked, I am looking for a good spoofer. I lately set up a portable for a friend that allows him communicating privately on a more secure level. But when I checked his IP through <iplocation.net/find-ip-address> I could see the many details such as OS, browser etc. I like to have them obfuscated too.

Have you any suggestions please?

Many thanks 

On May 11, 2017 10:41:52 AM GMT+01:00, Natanael <natanael.l at gmail.com> wrote:
>I'm assuming that the user agent spoofer is inserting an old version
>in the HTTP headers. This is what triggers the Tor proxy to alert (too
>versions are likely to be vulnerable to something unpatched).
>You want a spoofer that allows you to copy arbitary user agent strings.
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>Den 10 maj 2017 16:31 skrev "Elmor" <elmor at riseup.net>:
>> Hi All,
>> I hope it's ok to write this here. I have an unexplainable issue when
>> try to install a Random Agent Spoofer on my Orfox.
>> Here the matter. I have installed:
>> -- Orbot v15.2.0 RC 8 multi
>> -- Orfox fennec v45.5.1esr / TorBrowser 6.5.1 / Orfox 1.2.1
>> I try to install:
>> -- https://github.com/dillbyrne/random-agent-spoofer/wiki/user-manual
>> The system is:
>> -- Samsung Tab A(6)
>> -- Andro v5.1.1
>> Alas it does not let me as it says; "I need v45.0 but are running
>> But as you see I do have v45.5 installed. I un-/re-installed Tor from
>> but it has not improved.
>> Is there any recomendation you could give to have Random Agent
>> installed?
>> A few words about myself:
>> I am coaching behavior (so to say the practical aspect) of privacy
>> application/usage/behavior. I am not good at the hardware and
>> That is where I always need help.
>> Hope hearing soon back from you folks and many thanks for your time
>> suggestions.
>> --
>> Elmor
>> the joy of privacy
>> --
>> Elmor
>> the joy of privacy
>> (excuse my brevity)
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the joy of privacy
(excuse my brevity)
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